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If you are looking for a personal trainer I highly recommend Crew Martin. He not only knows all there is to know about the best approaches to helping you to get into excellent physical shape, but he also brings a unique sensitivity to the individual's needs and pace.

At the same time that my strength has increased, my flexibility and ability to move without hurting my back (a long-standing issue) has also become more pronounced. He also brings a calmness to the training session and has a way of gently increasing awareness of the body and how to protect it at all times during the exercises.
- Victor J. Goldman LCSW-R
As a Clinical Social Worker with 17 years in the field, I have long wanted to learn hypnotherapeutic techniques, yet most courses offered appeared to me as overly complicated, lengthy or flashy. I did, several years ago, attend a two-day seminar only to realize it focused on something more akin to stage hypnosis – not particularly comfortable to me and certainly not the client-centered orientation I had desired. Knowing Crew Martin, I had hoped that his training would be different and offer a gentler approach. I knew that, as a psychologist, social worker and fitness trainer, Dr. Crewson Andrew Martin was engaging.

In conversations with him, I noted his warmth and manner. Dr. Crewson Andrew Martin's course was everything I had hoped for. The subject matter was of great interest but, beyond that was Dr. Crewson Andrew Martin's ability to make complicated material easily and quickly understood, to portray the work as rewarding and to fully answer any questions and concerns. It was clearly important to Dr. Crewson Andrew Martin that his students grasp the material presented. The long seminar flew by quickly and I found myself wishing for more. Completing his training, I feel able to begin using Ericksonian hypnotherapy techniques. I know, as well, that I can rely on Dr. Crewson Andrew Martin for supervision and support. Top grades for Dr. Crew!
- Scott Burzon LCSW-R
Always professional and patient, Dr. Crewson Andrew Martin has assisted me in the understanding of panic attacks, fear, self esteem, habitual obsesive thinking, and assertiveness issues which have plagued my life for many years. Through his gentle way and friendly manner, he has helped me to open up through counseling, hypnotherapy, and mind and body techniques. Over time, I have learned how the mind and body work together. For me, hypnotherapy and the gradual understanding of how it works continue to be a big part of my overall growth towards balance and healing along with proper nutrition and exercise.

Today, I am much more confident and able to make decisions based on what is best for my life, which in turn, makes for healthier relationships and a much more fulfilling life. I have a long way to go but I have come a long way too. There is always more to learn and process. The personal discoveries are exciting and encouraging. I highly recommend Dr. Crewson Andrew Martin's services to anyone, whom, like myself are seeking healing for these and other conditions.
- JR
Dr. Crew began seeing my son several years ago. He was lying and stealing, being disrespectful and failing school. I had taken him to many therapists and they were not helpful. I was worried that I was losing him and he progressed to use drugs and not come home at night. Together my son and I have worked on our relationship and with Dr. Crew's help, he will be graduating this Spring with honors. Thank you Dr. Crew for all that you have done for us. You have no idea how much you have made a difference in our lives.
- MG
I train at Dr. Crew's fitness studio twice a week. He is patient, knowledgeable, kind, and encouraging. He has taught me techniques of mind and body as I train. I feel stronger and better about myself. I now can carry things in the past I would have had to ask for assistance. He is a wonderful trainer and I would recommend him for anyone looking for a private studio and a knowledgeable and caring trainer.
- GF
I have been an avid smoker for over 25 years. I've tried the patch, pills, and gum to cut off the cravings for nicotine. I had been doing couples therapy with Dr. Crew for several years and decided it was time for me to stop smoking and try hypnosis. I have to admit, I was quite skeptical about hypnosis, but Dr. Crew assured me of the process and after three sessions, I am no longer a smoker. At the time, I had been smoking over two packs a day and my life has changed and I am free.
- GL
Through hypnosis with Dr. Crew, I have been able to finally eat healthy and lose the weight I have carried for so many years. Dr. Crew is so caring and professional and has a passion for what he does.
- GA
I had been referred to Dr. Crew due to marital problems with my husband. We had both contacted attorneys and were on the verge of divorce. I felt exhausted, depressed, and that I was losing control of my life. My husband and I began to work on our relationship and communicating more effectively and what started out as a coming apart process has ended with us coming back together. Dr. Crew, thank you for all you have done. We are so glad that we have met you.
- IC
I began treatment with Dr. Crew for panic attacks and anxiety. I began to see the patterns and the reasons why I experience anxiety. Through therapy, I have learned techniques that have helped me tremendously. In addition to psychotherapy, I did hypnosis and biofeedback. I have now even begun to train at his fitness studio and feel physically stronger and now am eating more healthy.
- LC
For many years I have suffered from anxiety attacks. I tried conventional methods of therapy which helped by teaching me to control the attacks, but never gave me the power to stop it from happening at all. I came across Dr. Crew's website while searching the Internet for therapists that treated anxiety. The idea of using hypnosis intrigued me.

Dr Crew's combination of therapy, which helped me discover what factors in my life were triggering my attacks, along with the very effective use of hypnosis has given me the strength and knowledge to take back control of my life. Since starting the hypnosis, I have not experienced one anxiety attack. Because of Dr. Crew and his brilliant approach to my treatment, I am feeling more relaxed and like the person I was before the attacks began. Anyone who has ever suffered from an anxiety disorder knows what an invaluable gift that is.
- DM